Friday, April 14, 2006

Webmovie discussion forum

Opened a project forum so we could get to know each other,
discuss, share,create and collaborate- enter here
If you wish to open your own collaborative project, just drop
us a line and get your own project thread and online space.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Project status- Still open for contributers

Well ,this is where we stand at the moment :
We were hoping to get everybody to shot at the same day but it did not work
, so the date is not relevant anymore.
We had many people intending to participate but actually only a few send their footage to us (great
footage by the way) .
So far we got 5 video tapes from five very interesting and talented people
-Lorelinde V. (The Netherlands)
-Nick M. (Canada)
-Chee k.t. (malaysia)
-Mike Y. (Australia)
-Marko R. (Croatia)

-We also have 2 Music contributers - atharva from torched records (Usa) and giorgio (Italy)
We are still looking for participants , Join us and contribute to the collaborative movie.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

What is this project all about?

At the 14th of november 2005 ,surfers from all over the world
will turn on their video-cams and will shoot 24 hours
of their life in no more then 60 minuets video-tape.
This tapes will be delivered to us via post mail or in digital format
through the net, and will be edited into
one long movie , drawing a visual mosaic of
net's life , describing human faces behind i.p. numbers ,
exsposing actual people behind virtual identities.
All along the editing process ,we will offer the project's contributers and community to comment
and discuss edited footage from the upcoming film, suggest new ideas, share skills , thoughts and creativity.Challenge convetional ways of creating.
This is a call for collaboration.
Join us to advance a collaborative art form,a collaborative art movement.

Your part

If you wish to contribute to this
project ,all you have to do is get a video camera for a one day,
Simply insert a 60 minuets tape and start recording your life
from the moment you woke up ,through the whole day untill the morning after
(all in one tape).
send the tape to us as is ,there is no need to edit.
Any one can take part as long as he can be
creative ,sensitive and open minded.

Visual identity

By asking you to shoot a day in your life doesn't necessarily
mean we are asking you to shoot (just) yourself.
We want you to think.
Think of your visual ientity:
What are those things who define you as an individual?
What are you're basics? Your thoughts?Beliefs?
How can you visually express these basics to the camera?
Do you have a virtual identity?
How can you visually express your virtual life?
Are there any visual objects defining you?
What about your surroundings?
How does your home defines you?What do you see through
your bedroom window?
Who do you live with?What do you eat?who are the
people you see every day?Who do you love?
Do you love some one on-line?
Who are you through your eyes?
We are asking you for a visualization of your-self,
Let us know the human behind the machine.

Must do

Nothing is a must ,but,there are a few moments during the day
we are asking all the participants to shoot
as they will be important for the editing work.

-Shoot your awakening time and tell the camera what
did you dream last night.
-Open your radio/television at a local channel at 20:00
(8:00 p.m.) your local time and record the news headlines.
-record one minute of radio station search.
-speak your mother tongue.we will do the translation
later on.

The rest of the tape is left for your own imagination and
creativity.Remember this is not a reality t.v. show-
it is your personal intimate life as you see them,
stick to your truth.

Need help?

-The success of this project is important to us,
and we will be more then happy to help.
First of all we would like you to see this blog as a
space for all your questions,comments,idea's,thoughts
and so on.Every question will get an answer!

-This project is completley independent and have no
financial support.Since we are a low budget couple ourselves
we can't provide much materialistic help.
But we still want you to take part in this project so if
you have difficulties getting a mini dv tape or posting
your tape to israel please tell us and we will do
our best to help .

Get involved

-Share your thoughts with us.

-Help us spread the word.
Tell your friends, family, colleagues, tell anyone you
think will find it interesting.

-Got a website? please link to us.

Terms ,rights etc.

We intend to publish the movie under
the Creative Commons license.
-of course, full attribution and credit will be given
for each and every project contributer.

Deliver your footage.

The ideal and most prefered way for us to get the materials is in a
mini d.v. tape via post mail.
This will give us the best results in terms
of resolution, broadcasting quality and sound quality.
We need this good quality since we intend to publish the movie not
just over the web but also to submit it to film festivals.

Another option for delivering the materials is in a digital form.
You could transfer the footage from the camera to
your computer and send it to us using this tool.

Who are we?

-Sharon ,28 ,a filmmaker and a sound-woman, studied filmmaking at the jerusalem film & television school .Doing sound field recording, video art and documentary films.
-Ran ,29 ,working and exploring fields of education and human rights.


By e-mail:
or via mail
P.O.B. 5262
Tel-aviv ,61052